Pregnancy and Birth Course

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"Your birth workshop was invaluable, and we are so glad we were able to participate. My husband paid close attention and was able to really assist and participate in the labor and delivery process…

I used many of the positions… and constantly reminded myself of your messages throughout the class… Remembering all of those things truly made birth much less scary and I was able to remain more calm and focused."

~ B.P.

"I have no doubt that my regular attendance in your yoga class gave me strength and practice in listening to my body that allowed me to be so successful.

In addition, the Couples Workshop gave us all the tools we needed to be so comfortable laboring at home. [My partner] was on-point the whole time, gathering up things that we had practiced to make me comfortable.

In fact, that's why we stayed at home as long as we did - the coping mechanisms were working beautifully! We have no doubt that your classes went a LONG way in setting us up for a beautiful birth. So thank you!!!"

~ K.S.

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Diane Fine

Trained and certified at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in 1994, Diane has enhanced her yoga teacher education with numerous trainings, some of which include Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, Restorative Yoga Teacher Training, Teaching the Deeper Practices, Advanced Asanas, and Meditation & Yoga. Her inspirational teaching style incorporates both the physical aspects of yoga with reminders of how to weave the joys and tools of yoga into our lives off the mat.

Diane, the owner of Fine Spirit Studio, also offers private instruction upon request. Learn more about Diane and the services she offers, including her instructional CD's and DVD's, at Diane's personal website.

In 2013 Diane was voted Ithaca's "Best Yoga Teacher" by the Ithaca Times's annual "Best of Ithaca" survey.

Diane offers the following classes: