"Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness had genius, power and magic in it." ~ Goethe

Yoga with Diane Fine


All yoga offerings are online!  After teaching yoga for more than twenty years, it’s exhilarating to have another way to reach & work with students.  Students report loving having no commute to get to class. The online format also makes it easy for each individual to see the demonstrations of the movements. Yet, as one student recently said, “Your verbal cues are so clear & precise that I don’t even need to look at the screen!” 

People with most levels of experience (beginners, returners, &/or experienced practitioners) have found my approach informative, compassionate, and inspiring. Students say my classes are warm & inviting, yet also provide them with a good level of physical challenge. I enjoy offering precise alignment cues and adaptations so students learn how to practice each movement with safety & clarity. We want to be able to do this for many decades to come, so taking great care of our whole body, and honoring our limitations and sensitivities is important! It’s satisfying to remind students of different movement options (for differing levels of challenge and individual needs), and to see students experiment within their practice on a given day. Attention to the breath, and consistent mindfulness cues add to the meditative & calming aspect of these classes.


Trained and certified at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in 1994, I have enhanced my yoga teacher education with numerous trainings, clocking near 2000 hours of training over the years. I am a continual student and a sponge for accurate & evidence-based knowledge.  My informative & inspirational teaching style incorporates both the physical aspects of yoga and how to weave the joys and tools of yoga into our lives off the mat. Come experience Life Through the Language of Yoga!