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Fine Spirit Yoga Classes Guide

Paying For & Attending Classes & Workshops

  1. Click here to pay for & manage the classes you have purchased.
  2. Click on what you wish to purchase (single Kripalu Yoga class, single Prenatal Yoga class, single Couples Birth Preparation Workshop, or a package deal of a bundle of classes).
  3. Follow the prompts on the screen, entering your information & payment details when requested.
  4. When it asks you to confirm your time zone & shows you the calendar, that is when you can choose which class you wish to attend. If you are buying a bundle of classes, you can choose to schedule just one class, or you can schedule yourself for all of the classes in your bundle.
  5. If you schedule yourself to attend a class, the system will count it, whether you actually attend class or not. Be sure to go into the system to CANCEL your reservation before class begins for it to not be counted towards your bundle (you can follow the link in your confirmation email to do so).
  6. You can use the scanning code, IF you want, to manage your appointments/scheduled classes, or the link through your confirmation email.
  7. If you bought a bundle of classes, then click on "Schedule" to book yourself into a class. You can then see how many classes you have left and on what date they expire. Confirm your time zone and then schedule which class(es) you wish to book. Click "Confirm Appointment" to complete the process.
  8. To join the class, you can click on the link in your confirmation email, or from the provided link inside the scheduling program.

Zoom Set-Up Details

Download Zoom and set up a free account.

Check that your microphone & speakers are working well.

Set up your practice space: 

  • Have room to spread out from side-to-side, and also from front-to-back. 
  • To keep from tweaking your neck to see your screen it's handy to have the device in front of your face whether you're on the floor, sitting on a chair, or standing.  Consider how you can rotate/tilt your screen, and/or have a place to rest it low down & also a spot up higher.
  • Gather the props listed on the Class Descriptions pages.

Log on a minimum of 5 minutes early to ensure your camera angle, microphone, and speaker, etc are ready. This is a great time to ask me any questions you may have, as is after class.

If you have any physical sensitivities/limitations/issues for which you'd like support from the yoga practice, feel free to communicate that with me, either via email, or before/after class. 

What to Anticipate for an Online Class

  1. After logging on, you can choose to unmute your device to speak with me, or other class participants
  2. If you wish to not be seen, you can click “Stop Video”. Yet if you are comfortable being seen, it gives me helpful feedback on what students are doing. I can then adapt my cues to what I see.
  3. When class begins, I mute all participants. Yet if you ever have questions or feedback, you can unmute your device to speak, &/or use the Chat feature (choose to send your Chat to just “Diane – private”, or to “Everyone –public”).
  4. At times, class participants like to be in “Gallery View”, so they see me, as well as their fellow classmates. It can provide a sense of community & dissolve some feelings of isolation. In other moments folks may wish to keep only my image big on their screen, to make it that much easier to see me. In that case, from my image, choose “Pin Video.”

General Guidelines for Practicing Yoga

  • Come to class with an empty stomach.
  • Wear loose & comfortable clothing that allows for easy movement. Fancy “yoga clothes” are not necessary; comfort is the key. 
  • Consider turning off your cell phone & notifications, to provide yourself a chance to unplug & tune inward for this period of time.
  • Only do what feels right & appropriate for you. You know your body & your needs; ignore my suggestions at any time, to honor the signals you receive from within. 
  • Ask questions at any time!
  • If you have remaining questions, I'd love to hear from you! Contact me here!