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Couples Birth Preparation Workshop

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Date & Time:
March 30 @ 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm EDT

Cost: $80

Registration: https://FineSpiritYoga.as.me/BirthWorkshop


This workshop is an opportunity for the couple (or the pregnant one with some other member of their birth team) to focus on and prepare for the approaching birth. This practical workshop will address the questions such as: “Okay, the contractions are starting—now what do I do?”, “What do I do with my body?”, “What do I do with my mind?” Together the couple will practice many different positions that can be used during the contractions, in between the contractions, and for the delivery of the baby. The partners learn many specific tips on what they can do throughout the birth process, helping themselves to be as prepared and empowered as possible.

Many couples aim to participate in the Workshop in the last trimester of the pregnancy.

Price & Registration

The fee is $80. Register here.

Private-Group Couples Birth Prep Workshop

If the workshop dates available do not meet your needs, you may wish to consider participating in a Private Group Workshop. This is when a group of people will organize the workshop to happen according to their due dates, schedules, and needs. The fee is $320 for up to 3 couples, and $80 per couple for 4 or more couples. Interested couples can contact me and inform me they are interested in this option. I will then connect all interested couples via email with some dates & times I am available. The group will then decide what date & time they wish the workshop to happen. Private Group Workshops have happened many times, and it works well; couples are thrilled to be able to participate in this birth preparation according to their scheduling needs.


"Your birth workshop was invaluable, and we are so glad we were able to participate. My husband paid close attention and was able to really assist and participate in the labor and delivery process…

I used many of the positions… and constantly reminded myself of your messages throughout the class… Remembering all of those things truly made birth much less scary and I was able to remain more calm and focused."

~ B.P.

"I have no doubt that my regular attendance in your yoga class gave me strength and practice in listening to my body that allowed me to be so successful.

In addition, the Couples Workshop gave us all the tools we needed to be so comfortable laboring at home. [My partner] was on-point the whole time, gathering up things that we had practiced to make me comfortable.

In fact, that's why we stayed at home as long as we did - the coping mechanisms were working beautifully! We have no doubt that your classes went a LONG way in setting us up for a beautiful birth. So thank you!!!"

~ K.S.